Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense Practice Areas

The Lashley Law Firm, LLC, offers the services of a criminal defense attorney throughout the state of Florida. The firms’ comprehensive list of practice areas includes:

DUI Defense

DUI defense is one of the many defense areas The Lashley Law Firm, LLC, can assist with. An arrest for DUI can happen to anyone, and the resulting effects can have consequences that follow you through life, hurting your reputation, bank account, employment opportunities, and driving freedom.

Drug Offenses

Florida law enforcement aggressively pursues drug crime arrests and prosecutions. If you have been accused of drug offenses, you need an attorney who will fight just as aggressively for you. The Lashley Law Firm, LLC, can help you build a solid defense against drug charges of all types, so you can protect your reputation and future.

Battery / Domestic Violence

A charge of domestic violence or battery needs to be taken very seriously. Though the law says you are innocent until proven guilty, the prosecution and judges are going to seek harsh penalties if they suspect you are guilty of violence.

Theft / Burglary

Theft/burglary charges may seem small at the outset of your case, but the ramifications of these crimes are just as dangerous as other more violent types of crime. Being accused of a theft or burglary charge has the potential to send you to jail and will create a criminal record that will haunt you.

Gun Crimes

If you commit a crime while carrying a firearm, the potential penalties instantly become higher. Increased jail time and increased fines are all a possibility.

Sex Crimes

Sex crimes can be some of the hardest to defend, because human nature causes judges and juries to favor alleged victims.

Juvenile Offenses

Defending young people who have been accused of a crime requires a different type of defense. Attorney D. Gary Lashley Jr. believes that one mistake your child made should not seal their fate for the future, and he is ready to fight for them. He has worked with many families facing juvenile offenses, and he is ready to guide you through the days ahead.

Sealing / Expunging Records

If you have been convicted of a crime some time in your past, those criminal history records are public, so anyone doing a background check on you can find your past wrongdoings. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement does allow both adult and juvenile records to be removed from the public record in specific circumstances.

Each of these practice areas requires a slightly different approach, but Attorney D. Gary Lashley Jr. has the knowledge to craft a defense that will work. He will guide you through the processes, both in and out of court, with ease, so you always know what to expect in the days ahead. With him serving as your guide and advocate, you will be able to defend your reputations and protect your future.

Partner with a Compassionate and Tenacious Criminal Defense Attorney in Florida

When it comes to protecting your reputation and your future, time is critical. The moment you are arrested or accused, the prosecution begins building a case against you. You need to know that you have a tenacious advocate on your side who is going to work just as hard to prove your innocence. That advocate is Attorney D. Gary Lashley Jr.

Attorney D. Gary Lashley Jr. has a reputation for tenacity combined with compassion that will help you successfully navigate the Florida criminal court system, protecting you from the heavy fines and penalties the prosecution wants to throw your way. Contact The Lashley Law Firm, LLC, today to schedule a consultation with Attorney D. Gary Lashley Jr.

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